Certified Digital Human Resource Professional (CDHRP)®

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Course Objective: The objective of the Certified Digital Human Resource Professional (CDHRP)® course is to equip HR professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the digital transformation of human resources management effectively. The course aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of digital HR concepts, principles, and practices.
  • Explore the importance of digital HR in modern organizations and its impact on organizational performance and employee experience.
  • Cover the evolution of HR technology and emerging trends in digital HR, including the adoption of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and virtual reality.
  • Introduce best practices and case studies of successful digital HR implementations to illustrate real-world applications and outcomes.
  • Address key challenges and considerations in digital HR, such as compliance with data privacy regulations, cybersecurity, and ethical considerations.
  • Equip HR professionals with practical skills and strategies for developing digital HR strategies, leveraging technology for talent acquisition, enhancing employee engagement, and managing performance in a digital environment.
  • Prepare HR professionals for the CDHRP certification exam by reviewing key concepts, practising with quizzes and practice questions, and providing exam strategies and tips.

Overall, the goal of the CDHRP course is to empower HR professionals to embrace digital transformation, drive innovation, and optimize HR practices to meet the evolving needs of the digital workplace.

 Module 1: Introduction to Digital HR

  • Understanding Digital HR
  • Importance in Modern Organizations
  • Evolution of HR Technology

Module 2: Digital HR Strategy Development

  • Developing Digital HR Strategies
  • Aligning with Organizational Goals
  • Change Management in Digital HR

Module 3: Data Analytics in HR

  • Fundamentals of HR Data Analytics
  • HR Metrics and KPIs
  • Predictive Analytics in HR

Module 4: Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age

  • Recruitment Strategies in the Digital Era
  • Leveraging Technology for Talent Acquisition
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and AI in Recruitment

Module 5: Employee Experience and Engagement

  • Designing Digital Employee Experiences
  • Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Digital Tools for Employee Feedback

Module 6: Performance Management in a Digital Environment

  • Continuous Performance Feedback
  • Goal Setting and Tracking with Digital Tools
  • Performance Analytics and Insights

Module 7: Compliance and Data Privacy in Digital HR

  • GDPR and Data Protection
  • Ethical Considerations in HR Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity in HR Systems

Module 8: Future Trends in Digital HR

  • Emerging Technologies in HR
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in HR Practices

Module 9: Case Studies and Best Practices

  • Success Stories of Digital HR Implementation
  • Lessons Learned from Failed Digital HR Initiatives
  • Best Practices for Sustainable Digital HR Transformation
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Course Content

Certified Digital Human Resource Professional (CDHRP)®

  • Case Study : Implementing Digital HR Solutions in a Global Corporation
  • Certified Digital Human Resource Professional (CDHRP)® Quiz

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