Certified Designations

Postgraduate qualification holders or equivalent with proven records of successful experience and professional knowledge
in the specific industry, preferably with publications.


  1. Comprehensive Examination: A written or online examination that tests the candidate’s knowledge and application of key principles, laws and regulations, and best practices in their respective field.
  2. Case Study: A real-world scenario or problem that the candidate must analyse, evaluate, and develop a solution for, using their knowledge and skills in their respective field.
  3. Professional Review: A peer review process that evaluates the candidate’s professional conduct, ethical standards, and contribution to the field. This could include reviews by other Chartered professionals, supervisors, or clients.
  4. Project or Presentation: A project or presentation that demonstrates the candidate’s ability to apply their knowledge and skills to a practical situation. This could involve the design and implementation of a program or initiative or a presentation on a relevant topic in their field.
  5. Continuing Professional Development: A requirement for ongoing professional development and education, which may include attending conferences, workshops, or seminars, or completing additional coursework or certifications in their field.
  6. Industrial Analytical Report (3,000 words)

These assessment methods could be customized and weighted differently for each Chartered award, depending on the specific requirements and competencies associated with each award.